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Would Jesus do facebook

Would Jesus Be On Facebook?

Did you share a Facebook Year in Review like the rest of the world? I did. Look at mine and you’ll see photos of happy people doing fun things, enjoying life. I like that. But my Facebook Year in Review represents real life about as much as (more…)

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Who You For graphic

Who You For?

I grew up in a small town—actually on the outskirts of a small town. By outskirts I mean down Highway 58 which most people refer to as “old 82” (Highway 82 is now a bypass). I was always a little envious of friends who lived in a subdivision. I can’t really remember why. It wouldn’t…

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Read Through the Bible

5 Tips for Reading Through the Bible

I had been a Christian for decades, attended church all my life, earned a degree in religion from a Baptist college, and earned 2 seminary degrees before I read through the entire Bible. Nothing has changed my life more than consistently reading God’s Word. I keep reading not only to know what the Bible teaches…

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January 17 Genesis 40-41— In this passage, we learn that after Joseph interpreted the cupbearer’s dream he never gave Joseph another thought; he forgot all about him. Two whole years passed. Then Pharaoh has a dream that no one can interpret and the cupbearer suddenly remembers! I know guy! To the one reading this today…

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