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Walk on Water Faith {31 days}

Jesus has called me out upon the waters once again and invited me to trust Him through it. I know many of you are in your own deep places trying to keep your eyes on Him so I’m excited to share this 31 day faith journey with you. I’ve been looking forward to The Nester’s…

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I wasn’t looking for it. I almost missed it. I’d passed it by earlier on my way to something better. But there it was buried among the knickknacks and Tupperware and mismatched linens. I picked it up and saw it was only $3. Priceless. When she saw I had her faith she tried to explain….

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Best Buttermilk Pancakes

{Best} Buttermilk Pancakes

Edie recently shared her trick for getting dinner on the table. I love everything about her post and I can totally relate. I was reminded that the struggle is real for all of us who have people to feed and I was encouraged to continue to feed them well. But I still have those days…

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Caleb at beach

How to Walk on Water

Hey, you there trying to walk on water. I see you. You were all comfortable in your boat headed who-knows-where when Jesus called. But you didn’t think twice about throwing both legs over when He said, “Come.” Oh, you aren’t doing it for attention or bragging rights. You just want to be with Jesus. You’ve…

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America is in need of a massive revival and spiritual awakening. I’m not an expert on politics or economics or foreign policy. But here’s what I do know: We can have the strongest leaders maintaining our desired status as the greatest country on earth; We can have a mighty army such that no terrorist would…

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I’m here to tell ya’. . . she. was. ca-razy. August that is. Wait. Who did you think I was talking about? Anyway. She was all focused on that back-to-school thing even though it’s clearly summer time down here. Well, if August was crazy (and she was) then September is her weird cousin. Labor Day…

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5 Words Square


I am with you always. These were the final Gospel words of Jesus to his disciples—and to us. How did he know? How did he know we would so desperately need His presence with us always? Of all the promises He could make to us, why this one? Why not promise I’ll make you successful….

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