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caleb in armour3

A gift for the One who has everything

I still remember the years when I would take my young children shopping because they wanted to get a gift for their friends and family. They had no money and really didn’t even realize they needed any to buy the things they wanted. Their gifts were carefully chosen and personal. Their focus was on the…

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monster cookies square


These delicious, no-flour cookies have become one of our family’s Christmas baking traditions. But please don’t wait for Christmas to make these heavenly treats!  The recipe is actually 3/4 of the original recipe but I’ve found that 5 dozen of these cookies is more than enough for any family—even mine! When you see the ingredients you’ll…

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For When You've Lost Your Way


You’ve probably seen the quote “All who wander are not lost.” That may be true but sometimes those who are lost have a tendency to wander. And wonder? I remember the last time I was lost. Lost We were driving to a party at a friend’s house. I was sure I knew how to get…

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