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Encouragement for Moms square

Encouragement for Moms

“I can do it myself.” When my kids were little, I heard those five little words a lot. Sometimes they were very frustrating words because I was in a hurry and I could do it for them faster. Tie a shoe, button a shirt, zip a back pack. Sometimes these words made me feel sad…

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In Desperate Places

I wasn’t planning to post today but a friend in my Hello Mornings group shared a video with us. John Mark McMillan’s acoustic folk sound is beautiful but I couldn’t catch all of the lyrics. Since I’m a “words” person I had to know the story the song was telling. As I searched I found this amazing…

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I’m a big fan of professional counselors and not just because I’m married to one. Many of the ones I’ve known have been dear friends and I know first-hand their passion for helping people. They bless people every day with their gift of listening and understanding.  I’ve also heard the grateful testimony of individuals who…

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A Weekend Adventure

While we were on our date Friday night we decided to surprise the kids with a Saturday adventure. We called and told them to get in the bed a little early so they could be ready to go by 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning. They were super excited and up early and ready to go before…

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The Death of Me: {Part 4} Laying it Down

I had intended to write about “Living in Peace” today but when I sat down to write God took me in a different direction. I even tried to make this the Conclusion and write about peace for Part 4, but again, God made it clear to me to change my plans. I still have a lot…

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