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Light shining through copy

Encouragement for Women

It’s Wednesday. Again. That day of the week when I realize the list I started the week with isn’t nearly finished. That day of the week when I remember several things that should have been done last week and I forgot to add them to this week’s list. And the week’s half-over. Sunday is a…

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lake sunrise

The “we” in my weekend

“We” is the nominative plural form of “I”. “I” is good. Sometimes.  I ate the chocolate bar. Just me, myself, and I. Good. But “we” means “I” plus one. “We” means family and people who are like family. “We” means “together”. “We” is good, too. This weekend was about “we”. And it was very good. We caught fish….

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knockout roses

Encouragement for Moms

Oh, this stuff is really, really, good. I hope you’ll read it and share it with others. I am so thankful for brave women and mothers who pour out their hearts in places we can all go and go again when we need encouragement. Stop Calling Me Supermom, by Carey Pace. She’s a writer and a…

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Mawmaw and me

Penuche, where have you been all my life?

Hello, my new favorite sugary goodness. I had never heard of this delicious concoction until yesterday and it has definitely made it into my dessert recipe binder. (Yes, I have a special binder for dessert recipes. It’s my favorite food group!) Penuche (pronounced \pa-noo-chee\) very much resembles the caramel frosting that my grandmother used to make….

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A Manic Monday Moment

I’m in a love/hate relationship with my lists. I love making a list, completing a task and marking through it. I love the feeling of “done”.  This whole process makes me feel organized and in control. I hate the lists that never get completely finished. They are a reminder to me of what’s “undone”.  I…

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Big City Skyline

Three states, four days, five people

Sometimes as I click along through my week just doing my thing a word keeps popping up in every conversation or situation.  After hearing it a few times it’s as if that particular word sets off bells and whistles and fireworks in my head.  When that happens I know God is trying to teach me…

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