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A new heart

A New Heart

A year ago a local policeman was killed in the line of duty. That was a sad time in our community and continues to be for those who knew and loved him. This week there was a special ceremony celebrating his life. God used this tragedy for good in many ways. The Heart of the…

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A Good Morning

I  like mornings. Mornings are a clean slate and another chance to place my life before God as an offering. But sometimes, if I’m not careful, the un-done from yesterday runs into the yet-to-do of today and creates a pile-up that stops me dead in my tracks. The clean slate isn’t so clean anymore and…

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I’ll Never Get Over It

“I’ll Never Get Over It”.  You’ve heard someone say it. Maybe you’ve even said it. To “Get Over it” usually means: to move beyond a past event in such a way that it does not define or control the present. Get Over It Missed opportunity?  I’ve gotten over it. Loss of a relationship? Gotten over…

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Book of Words

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth Occasionally my kids will remind me of something I did or said in the past. Sometimes it’s painful to hear what they recall. Is that all they remember about me? What will they remember when they are grown and gone? As a mom my…

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