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roses large

Bloom Where You’re Planted Even in Adversity

She holds birds’ nests, spiders’ webs, and dew drops. She’s been moved, pruned, burned, and picked on. She’s been too hot, too cold, and wind blown. She’s grown up and grown old. Still she blooms. Adversity is hard At times it is difficult to stand tall, much less bloom. Withering and dying seem easier. What,…

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DIY wall art, chalk art

Thrifty Thursday DIY Wall Art

1. Old frame(without glass), scrap of burlap, letter stamps, black paint. I used the thin piece of wood that came with frame, wrapped it with the burlap scrap and hot glued it on the back side to hold it in place. I then used letter stamps dipped in black paint to add the quote to…

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Praying for a child

For This Child I Prayed

This week I’ve given birth to my firstborn son, taught him how to walk, and walked with him to his first day of kindergarten. I watched as his dad taught him to ride his bike without training wheels and stood in the driveway as he drove the truck out of sight with a new driver’s…

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Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake for Dessert!

Strawberries are in season! Mom and dad came for a weekend visit today and we had planned to make banana pudding. My kids love it when my mom makes banana pudding. But banana pudding turned into Strawberry Shortcake after they showed up with a bucket full of fresh strawberries. Delicious! Click here for printable recipe.

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What's for supper

What’s for Supper?

If I had a dollar for every time someone in my house asks this question, I could take everyone out to eat. And while I like to eat out occasionally, I really love a good meal around the table at home with family. Here’s one of my favorite’s: 1. Cheese Tortellini Soup that Edie from…

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Homeschool square

Why I Home School

This photo was taken at Mammoth Cave National Park during our first homeschooling year (2003). Caleb was four, Maddie was six, and Jon Eric was ten. Currently, Caleb is beginning grade twelve. Maddie and Anna are in college. Jon Eric is married and he and his wife recently graduated with honors from  Jacksonville State University….

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New Orleans

The End

Looking back through some of my writing from 2012 I found these words. I needed them again today. Maybe you need them, too. A week ago at this time I was strolling through the streets of New Orleans with Eric chatting about where we wanted to have lunch. I was keenly aware that the trip…

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