For years I thought being a good Christian meant loving myself less and putting myself last. I made a noble attempt to love God and others while sincerely trying to think less of myself. But my efforts resulted in an unholy, self-loathing God never intended. As I studied and talked to God about what it means to have the extraordinary, abundant, and full life Jesus offered in John 10:10 He revealed a way of life that turned my priorities upside down.

Today I’m sharing the final part of the series, Learning to Live Like Jesus. If you missed Parts I or II you can click here to read Part I: “Mama, Are You Mad?” and here to read Part II: What Does the Bible Say About Loving Yourself?

Me, First to the Glory of God

There are many small ways I practice self-care to the glory of God throughout my day. I’ve taken the time to list what I believe are the 10 most important.

  1. Meet with God daily
  2. Rest
  3. Exercise
  4. Feed yourself well
  5. Create margin
  6. Be willing to ask for support
  7. Accept love and praise from others
  8. Have fun
  9. Learn to say “no” or “not now”
  10. Nurture your most important relationships

As I read the Gospels I see how Jesus practiced each of these and modeled for us what it means to live, love, and work to the glory of God.

I want to elaborate on each one of these but this post would be much too long so I’ll be sharing about each one of these in detail in the weeks ahead. (If you’d like to be notified via email when I’ve written a new post click here.)

I’m also planning to do a Facebook Live video each Sunday evening to discuss each practice in more detail. I’d love for you to join the discussion! I’ll be going live at Stacy Averette (Facebook page) so if you haven’t already, you can “like” and “follow” my FB page here.

God has been writing His story in my life for over 40 years! I’m linking up with Jennifer Dukes Lee for #TellHisStory. Click here to read other stories of how God is working!





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